Christie’s tells the story of “Souvenirs from the Grand Tour”

In the 90’s and early 00’s, Christie’s lead the way in making the market in Grand Tour souvenirs. For collectors, their annual sales were much anticipated and closely followed. Thus, it is a particularly resonant satisfaction to offer, with Christie’s, a group of especially grand, Grand Tour architectural models. The Catalog for their October 23 sale in […]

Piraneseum in Christie’s Exceptional Sale, April 20, 2018

Though focused on architectural mementos, occasionally our attention wanders. We are only human. Several years ago, at a sale in Italy, we came across a very beautiful inlaid marble tabletop, apparently from the latter part of the sixteenth century. After the usual rigmarole involving export licenses, customs clearances, etc., it found its way here. Lucia […]

A House or A Museum? Piraneseum video by

Two years ago, Curbed, the multi-city Amercian blog featuring “all things home” posted A Pair of Architects Create a Home for their Grand Collection, an extensively-photographed, well-written description of our assemblage of 17th – 19th century architectural souvenirs. Late last year, Curbed was again in touch, proposing a short video about the collection. A day […]

Chrysler Museum Acquires Rare 19th C. Tabletop for its Celebrated Collection

The Chrysler Museum of Art in Norfolk, Virginia, has just added Piraneseum’s specimen marble and micromosaic table top to it’s celebrated glass collection. This highly unusual, 22-3/4” diameter Roman micromosaic and specimen marble tabletop was made in Rome for the 1876 U. S. Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia. Surrounding a central micromosaic medallion bordered in green malachite […]

Vernet Drawing, Picturing Himself, Piranesi, and Clerisseau Sketching at Hadrian’s Villa, Highlights “All Roads Lead to Rome”

Claude-Joseph Vernet (1714-1789) Artists Sketching at Hadrian’s Villa brown ink, wash, and body color on laid paper 24 x 35 cm., c. 1746 One of the most remarkable objects shown for the first time in Piraneseum’s recent exhibit, All Roads Lead to Rome (January – August 2017, San Francisco International Terminal), was this drawing. Three of the […]

Piraneseum Ghisolfi Capriccio is Cover of Monumental New Work About Italian Ruins Paintings

Giovanni Ghisolfi (Milan 1623 – 1683) Capriccio with Figures among Roman Ruins oil on canvas, 65 x 48.5 cm. Historian Giancarlo Sestieri has just published the definitive work on the genre of paintings known as Architectural Capricci, or architectural ruins paintings. Piraneseum’s Capriccio with Figures Among Roman Ruins, by Giovanni Ghisolfi, was selected as the cover image […]