Leonardo Coccorante

“il giordano di prospettiva”

naples 1680 – 1750

capriccio with figures and statue of hercules

102.5 x 154 cm., oil on canvas


  • Literature
  • Giancarlo Sestieri,  Il Capriccio Architettonico: in Italia nel XVII e XVIII secolo, (2015), Rome, illus. Vol I, fig. 13b, p. 242.
  • SFO Airport Museum, All Roads Lead to Rome, (2017), illus. p. 81.
  • Exhibition
  • SFO Airport Museum, All Roads Lead to Rome: 17th-19th Century Souvenirs from the Collection of Piraneseum, January 24-August 13, 2017

This large, highly atmospheric capriccio – veduta ideata – featuring ancient classical ruins and a statue of Hercules battling a mythological beast, while local denizens pursue their slightly dissolute-seeming business, all swathed in an eerie twilight, is fully characteristic of Leonardo Coccorante’s mature work and may be dated to the first part of the 18th century.

Coccorante’s paintings are in the collections of the Louvre, Museum of Grenoble, and Lowe Art Museum in Florida.

For more about Coccorante, see our Pair of Capricci with Figures and Ruins by the Sea. Pictured in Giancarlo Sestiari’s 2015 Il Capriccio Architettonico:in Italia nel XVII e XVIII secolo, Rome: figure 13b, p. 242, Vol I.